I had the pleasure to capture M + R's Maternity shoot recently. And what made it special is including their first child A as part of the shoot. These two will not only inspire you professionally, but will tempt you to build a friendship as strong as theirs and a family as adorable as their own!

Little A, as you may see in the video below, is all over the place, waiting to finish his part in the shoot and rush to the children's park! Excited to meet his younger sibling,  A is all geared up to play big brother (Newborn blog post coming soon!).

This, for me, was so much fun with all the creative liberty they gave me! Instead of a spread of images, here's a quick 2 minute (Behind-the-scenes) video showing you a glimpse of how we include older siblings in maternity portraits and the beauty of this phase captured with Becky's calm  and gorgeous mommy-demeanour!