When Ranjith and Priya reached out to me for their twins' shoot, I went over and met them to see the kids and plan the shoot out. I must say that she is the most chilled out mom (to twins) I had met in a while. She made the job of raising twins seem so easy and with experience, I knew it wasn't! And then I realised, she's just a supermom in disguise and someone I wanted to be like when I have kids!


The two teletubbies were a breeze to work with because we did the right things at their age. Being toddlers, they don't like being carried too much, so we completed all the family portraits at the beginning and then we put them down to run around and explore the resort! All my poses were centred around 'fun'. It would have to be around a playful action so the kids naturally enjoyed it and there were no forceful smiles. Towards the end, P + R were a little tired and so were the kids, so we got them to sit down and eat (which is where you will see them seated, smiling and posing for the camera with so much ease). 

Toddlers are just so much fun to capture if you ensure they have a good time and you work around their needs! If you don't, well, you better know how to handle toddler tantrums ;)

Location: Taj Fisherman's Cove, Chennai

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