One of the most interesting parts of being a photographer is the opportunity to work with amazing gear that helps you create stunning images. When commissioned as a professional, it becomes my priority to be capable of delivering the highest quality of images to my clients; Images that can be printed to large sizes showcasing every tiny detail with right colour and definition.

In order to do that, I am proactively seeking the best gear in the market to work with. With technology advancing at such a high rate, it’s important to stay updated with what the market has to offer to further simplify our lives and make cameras easier to handle which allows me to focus on creating better compositions and frames.

I’ve been a Sony Artisan for a while now, having switched to Sony Alpha gear completely. The switch has been a great one, to say the least. It’s been a game changer in so many ways with some amazing features that can benefit a child photographer. The capability of the Eye-AF tracker  and locking its focus has never allowed me to miss a shot. The light-weight mirrorless body of the A7Riii makes my movement easier, especially while working with older kids who give me a fair amount of cardio to catch up with them and get a shot.

List of Equipment:

Camera Gear:

24mm G master f1.4

55mm Sony Zeiss

85mm G Master f1.2

90mm Macro f2.8


By Profoto

In line with my genre of Photography, it also was important to consider the safety of babies and children in my child-friendly studio, while working with studio lights. This is precisely why I chose Profoto Lights, a top brand in the lighting space, which are wireless (making it  a safer zone for toddlers, less cumbersome and less messy). Profoto lights are also UV coated, making it very safe for newborns and babies. And it would be unfair to end the blog without telling you how amazing and simple it is to work with Profoto lights, helping me light up gorgeous portraits of babies and children without being challenged to adjust them ever so often.