Mum's 2.0 is a series/project by Mommy Shots that is documenting your story to 'what it takes to be a parent.'

When you are a parent, everything else takes a backseat and you wake up each day waiting to see that mischievous smile. At Mommy Shots, we thought we'd stir it up a little and draw some funny candid 'awwww' and "I know, right?!!" Mommy responses right here for you through our "Mums 2.0" Series.

We're talking zombie shifts, guilt, unfathomable joy, priorities, work-life balance, curious awkward questions and a whole new life, ... you know, the works! But it all brings us back to square one, every-moment-with-them-is-worth-it :)

Take a look at our Mums 2.0 stories shared exclusively with Mommy Shots!

If you would like to participate, do drop us a note and we will be in touch with you shortly. All we need is 5 minutes for a picture such as the one below and have you answer some very simple questions about being a mum!