Designed specifically for those living outside of India, If you are at the cusp of becoming a Newborn/Baby Photographer, then this is your space. Don't let the distances deter you because I'm happy to get online to help each of you move towards doing what you love.

As someone who figured her way out the hard way, with a lot of trial and error, I always wished I had a cheat sheet that gave me the momentum and guidance to be successful. I'm still learning and I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way that will help 'shape' a career that you are passionate about. 

What this includes:

  • The current business scenario
  • How I got started, how you can, too.
  • Starter kit requirements (both gear and business-wise)
  • Client servicing.
  • QnA of Maternity, Baby and Family Photography
  • Critique/Reviewing your work
  • Getting your work noticed!
  • Must-dos as a creative entrepreneur for a Photography Business
  • In-person mentoring will also include attending live sessions with me.
  • Post Processing your images for basic edits to advanced  edits to deliver those beautiful dreamy images to cherish for life.

P.s. This is purely for those interested in becoming a Maternity, Newborn, Child and  Family Photographer.  This does not include teaching the basics of Photography.
For those choosing online options, will be connected with via Skype.



If you have questions about the program, do drop me a note at
Every message is read and responded to within 48 hours.