Baby portraits (2 - 12 months) are conceptualised and captured keeping in mind your baby's progress and capabilities, be it, flipping over, sitting up right, crawling or walking with support. Of course, we capture it all, with panache! Check out our 'Growing Up' Baby plan package to capture your little one's first year in a scrapbook!

Once they learn to walk, there's no stopping them! And it goes without saying, we don't either! We capture your toddler's first awkward steps, fun expressions, movements, new found love to wipe out everything in order, get the drift! We honestly just let them have their fun!

Creating 'unconventional' Family Portraits - Well, atleast that's what we're aiming for. Gone are the days where we seat you in a studio and ask you to smile at a black camera. Family portraits are about being 'happy' with your kith and kin, moments that are hard to re-live in pictures and inside-jokes that only the few of you get. Taken in a relaxed environment such as your house or while even picnic-ing outdoors, think of our sessions as a family day out with a photographer tagging along.