After a lot of requests, I'm hosting this Maternity Photography Workshop in November where we will spend close to 6 hours learning how to create beautiful pictures with a live session.

What this will include :

A sit-down session on :

1. How to approach Maternity Photography and create stories in this special phase.
2. Posing and Styling intricacies - Posing an expecting mom, couples and family. 
3. Camera gear + Support
4. How to prepare your client for the session
5. Various lighting situations and how to deal with them
6. Most importantly, capturing the emotional connection between a Mom and her Child. 
7. Marketing your business to stand apart from the sea of great photographers.

This will be followed by:

1. A live Portrait session with expecting parents (Models) to practise what we discussed previously, where you get to shoot along with me.
2. Tips and tricks
3. FAQs on the go

Who should attend:

1. If you have the passion and Interest to create stories with your DSLR, this is a great start to set foot into this world of Maternity and Newborn Photography.
2. It is important to know how to use your DSLR (fundamentals) to make the most of the workshop.

Workshop Fee (Introductory Price!):
INR 8000

Maximum number of participants: 10

To register, drop me a message at 

I look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

P.s. Venue details and timings will be updated by 28th October.