1:1 BUSINESS-Starter kit - Mentoring Program

If you are at the cusp of becoming a Newborn/Baby Photographer, then this is your space. 

As someone who figured her way out the hard way, with a lot of trial and error, I always wished I had a cheat sheet that gave me the momentum and guidance to be successful. I'm still learning and I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way that will help 'shape' a career that you are passionate about. 

What this includes:

  • The current business scenario

  • How I got started, how you can, too.

  • Starter kit requirements (both gear and business-wise)

  • Client servicing - your true ambassadors

  • QnA of Maternity, Baby and Family Photography

  • Critique/Reviewing your work

  • Getting your work noticed out there.

  • Social Media - the best market place to invest your time in. Tips and know-hows of using the various platforms

  • Must-dos as a creative entrepreneur for a Photography Business

  • In-person mentoring will also include attending a live session with me.

P.s. This is purely for those interested in the business of becoming a Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer.  This does not include teaching the basics of Photography.


INVESTMENT: Rs. 25,000 for 3 hours approximately (Via skype or in-person)

If you have questions about the Mentoring program, do drop me a note at ms@amritasamant.com.
Every email is read and responded to within 48 hours.

1:1 Newborn Mentoring Workshop

This is a 1:1 workshop to teach you everything about newborn photography.

This is a full day in-studio course with a bunch of beautiful squishy newborns.

  • You will get to learn everything that happens at my newborn sessions starting with pre-session prep.

  • Lighting - both natural and studio lighting will be covered during the day.

  • Learn camera settings, custom white balance for indian skin tones, exposure, getting the best straight-out-of-the-camera images.

  • Different newborn poses & wrapping techniques. Newborn Safety which is of prime importance will be covered too.

  • You can shoot alongside me and use these images in your portfolio too. This will help teach you the use of angles and creating depth using shadows

  • Posing newborns with parents & siblings

  • Understanding colours

  • We will then be doing my step=by-step editing process with the images shot during the day on LR & Photoshop.

  • These 1:1 sessions are tailored to your needs and experience

INVESTMENT: Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST


  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop.

  • You must own/rent and understand a DSLR camera, are comfortable shooting in Manual Mode and have basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.

  • I recommend either 35mm or 50mm lens – you may also bring a macro lens if you have one and we can work on those up-close, detail shots.

  • You do not need to bring a laptop, but are welcome to bring one if you would like to work along side me while we demonstrate Post Processing.


While we welcome interns through the year, there are two options for interns to apply.

  1. Long term internships - Ideal for final term projects which range over a period of time. To apply, email ms@amritasamant.com

  2. Short term internships - This is for someone who wants to learn the tricks of the trade in a short span of time and involves a paid fee for the duration of the internship (between 30 to 60 days). To apply, email ms@amritasamant.com

Internships are only available at our Chennai studio currently.