1:1 BUSINESS-Starter kit - Mentoring Program

If you are at the cusp of becoming a Newborn/Baby Photographer, then this is your space. 

As someone who figured her way out the hard way, with a lot of trial and error, I always wished I had a cheat sheet that gave me the momentum and guidance to be successful. I'm still learning and I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way that will help 'shape' a career that you are passionate about. 

What this includes:

  • The current business scenario

  • How I got started, how you can, too.

  • Starter kit requirements (both gear and business-wise)

  • Client servicing - your true ambassadors

  • QnA of Maternity, Baby and Family Photography

  • Critique/Reviewing your work

  • Getting your work noticed out there.

  • Social Media - the best market place to invest your time in. Tips and know-hows of using the various platforms

  • Must-dos as a creative entrepreneur for a Photography Business

  • In-person mentoring will also include attending a live session with me.

P.s. This is purely for those interested in the business of becoming a Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer.  This does not include teaching the basics of Photography.


INVESTMENT: Rs. 25,000 for 2 hours approximately (Via skype or in-person)

If you have questions about the Mentoring program, do drop me a note at ms@amritasamant.com.
Every message is read and responded to within 48 hours.

1:1 Newborn Mentoring Workshop

This is a 1:1 workshop to teach you everything about newborn photography.

This is a full day in-studio course with a bunch of beautiful squishy newborns.

  • You will get to learn everything that happens at my newborn sessions starting with pre-session prep.

  • Lighting - both natural and studio lighting will be covered during the day.

  • Learn camera settings, custom white balance for indian skin tones, exposure, getting the best straight-out-of-the-camera images.

  • Different newborn poses & wrapping techniques. Newborn Safety which is of prime importance will be covered too.

  • You can shoot alongside me and use these images in your portfolio too. This will help teach you the use of angles and creating depth using shadows

  • Posing newborns with parents & siblings

  • Understanding colours

  • We will then be doing my step=by-step editing process with the images shot during the day on LR & Photoshop.

  • These 1:1 sessions are tailored to your needs and experience

INVESTMENT: Rs. 80,000 + 18% GST


  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop.

  • You must own/rent and understand a DSLR camera, are comfortable shooting in Manual Mode and have basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.

  • I recommend either 35mm or 50mm lens – you may also bring a macro lens if you have one and we can work on those up-close, detail shots.

  • You do not need to bring a laptop, but are welcome to bring one if you would like to work along side me while we demonstrate Post Processing.