Wouldn’t you like to turn back time and see a day in the life of your child? A day in the life of raising your child? A day in your life!Well, that’s precisely what I offer you with ‘A day in the life of…….’ package. Best captured with ‘Documentary photography’, this storytelling approach is used to tell your story, personally, just for you. It involves said photographer (me), spending a day with you and your family, capturing you all on the go as life happens. This can be at your home, on VACATION or pretty much any place you want to remember your day by.

How does this work?

A day in the life of series is all about capturing your life with those moments in between, those fleeting seconds that make up your day as a mom/dad.
The day starts from when you wake up, before the kids roll out of bed to start their day. I’ll be there before that, ready to document all I see.
Capturing moments in your PJs, skipping the posing, the planning, just your actual selves (and a cup of coffee!) on a regular morning, while I’ll be following along with my camera throughout.

What is covered during the day?

It’s the little things that you want to remember 20 years from now. Start your day with the kids brushing their teeth, lounging on the sofa, watching tv, eating breakfast, bath-time, planning the day with activities, chores, homework, a trip to the mall, playing outdoors, a day at the beach…. right up until bed time where I’ll say good bye!

Where can this be done?

Anywhere you like! We could capture a day in your family’s life at home (making memories of where your kids grow up, their favourite spots in the house to play, hide, laugh, cry) or up it with a VACATION! Everyone’s in holiday mode, away from daily work distractions and focussed on spending time with each other during a beach vacation or exploring a new country or even as simple as visiting a Gaming arcade.

If your day is filled with hugs, kisses, snuggles, little fights, messy rooms, Messy hair buns, fatigue from parenting and joy from the exact same thing, balancing kids, home, your partner and the joy of it all, then this is something you will treasure for life!

To book a session with Amrita, email ms@amritasamant.com for Pricing details and available slots.
For Vacation Photography services, plan ahead of time.

Sunday morning spent with these siblings in “A Day in the life of Samaria + Samira”. Frames and moments that are timeless, moments with family that will always stay precious, modern storytelling is possibly my favourite thing to do with families.

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