Pick a package below to suit your requirements and make the most of our package discounts! 

Growing Up 

Our 'Bump to Baby' offering is an annual package that includes regular shoots every three months evolving into a final portfolio that incorporates the different stages of your child's first year.  


Pre-birthday and Birthday shoot

Book us for your little one's birthday along with a pre-birthday fine art baby shoot which includes our Storyboarding and Concept-based session. What's better than freezing these adorable moments? Display them at the birthday party! 


Maternity and Newborn Package

Looking for something short and sweet? This package gives you the best of both worlds - capturing the latter half of your pregnancy and the first few days of your little baby in this world!  Want to have a little more fun? Try our 'Before and After' or what we call 'Baby in, baby out' concepts!