Lots of concerned new mums ask me if it is safe to do a photoshoot of their infants. 

At Mommy Shots, we understand your fears and concerns and we take complete precaution with our props, hygiene, safety to make sure you have a memorable time with your little one's first photoshoot. Here are some pointers that will give you a good idea of how we work our newborn shoots.

When is the ideal time to shoot Newborns?

The ideal time to shoot newborns is when they are between 5 days to 15 days old.  This is their ‘mold-able’ stage where they tend to sleep a lot and curl up into these adorable positions they were in, in the womb. Babies also tend to be extremely flexible at this age and can be moved into a few sleeping poses too. However, we do ‘not’ force a pose on a newborn.  We work along with their pulse and rhythm throughout the shoot.
Post the first 2 weeks, they learn the art of stretching and then it gets tougher to scrunch them up into these cute-sy positions. However, a safe bet would be within 30 days if you miss the first two weeks.

How safe is it?

It's important to note that Amrita is a Certified Newborn Safety poser. Extreme care is taken that the environment we set up is completely safe for the newborn. Our props are mainly fabrics, headbands, hats and paper-made products. We set up our equipment in due time and begin to shoot when the baby is ready. All our poses are done with expertise and go with the baby's flow for the large part. No pose is forced upon the baby.

What preparations should parents take care of?

Its best to start the shoot post the newborn’s massage (if you are giving the baby massages), a warm water bath and a full feed.  Feeding and burping are some things that can be done before we start the shoot. A well-fed baby is definitely a happy baby!

We will keep the room temperature warm through most part of the shoot to allow and encourage the baby to go in to a deep snooze, making it easy on them while we pose them.

Keep minimum people around while we do the shoot so as not to disturb the baby. Newborn shoots include family portraits too and you will need to be a part of them.  

We take care of the equipment and props entirely. You are welcome to share your ideas and props with at least 3 days notice so we ensure to make time for any additional shots.

How long does the entire process take?

Newborns need to be dealt with slowly and gently and this does take a while. It typically takes 2 - 4 hours based on how much you want captured. But this includes feed breaks, potty breaks etc.


We conduct the session in the comfort of your home. All we need is a small open space with natural light for our shoots. We’ll also probably be moving furniture around if we need to make room for ourselves. But don’t worry, everything will be back in place when we’re through!

Alternatively, you could hop over to our studio space where everything is set up and you are given the comfort and privacy needed.


We can’t stress on this enough. As a new parent, it’s your turn to sit back and relax and let us take care of your little one during the shoot. We love to have you participate during the shoot as this is one of your first experiences with your little one. :)

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