If you are allergic to cuteness (yes, it's a word), then I suggest you close this window immediately, because there's ridiculous amounts of cuteness in the gallery below!!

I think parents can almost here me squeal in excitement when they call to schedule their baby's 6 month milestone photoshoot. This is an age,  where they are learning to sit WITH NOWHERE TO GO (no cardio for me - definitely my favourite)!

Having worked with over 400 babies so far, I see and track their growth, habits, growing capabilities and use all of that in my Annual shoots, to capture each stage carefully, making it easy for the baby to do what they 'normally' would do. This 5th month/6th month stage however, is rather interesting. The things they do at this age is, weirdly, never done in their life again, unless posed. True story!

  • Activities like tummy time,
  • resting on their elbows while holding their neck up high
  • Big drool-queens (heartmelt)
  • Holding on to their ankles while lying on their back
  • chewing on their toes while lying on their back,
  • the signature tripod pose (sitting with palms down on the ground in front of them, supporting them as a stand) and so much more... is never really done by them again unless forced or posed (which is unnatural).
  • Flipping over in seconds
  • Mighty expressive

Having developed much stronger personalities now, I always tell moms NOT TO MISS this stage. Also, it's their HALF BIRTHDAY!!! :) Another reason to celebrate this stage (read:Eat yummy cake!).

Other significant things you can notice - they're very energetic after a good nap and feed, mighty strong,  excited little squish dolls who're extremely happy when interacted with and want to communicate with soooo much to say. The number of smiles are more and their threshold is longer now, giving me more leeway to play around with a few props. While some of them start early and sit independently, others are made to sit in baskets with ample back support and safety measures.

I hope this gallery below helps you understand why I insist on capturing this stage and also show you what 6 month olds are capable of BEFORE they become sitters and move on to  their crawling phase <3.