When a client picks our 'Growing Up' Scrapbook package, we're always delighted! Not because they chose us, but because we get to see their little munchkin grow for a full year and capture the best memories for them!

It's honestly such a privilege to watch these little squishy babies become little humans over a year. This time it was little Vihan who turns ONE today! The pre-birthday portrait shoot was planned a week in advance and storyboarded to capture his little personality.

We decided to stick to the theme of his Upcoming birthday party 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'. We roped in our set design expert 'The A-cube Project' to design and complement Vihan's ever charming giggles with a set that's completely 'him'! Here's what happened after!

As always, we decided to make the set ups interactive and fun and voila! We had nothing more to do but to place him in these sets and watch him react with a sugar high. 

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