When mums call me to book a Portrait session, they always ask me 'When is the best time to capture a baby?' OR  'Which month in the first year gives us the best images?'  And I'm just answering that question in my head - 'ANYTIME is good! Your baby is growing and doing new things every single day, especially in their first year'.  

Each month your little one is growing, comes with something special they're doing. You really are the best judge to decide what part of the year you want to capture him/her with a photographer on board or by yourself. 

Here's a quick run-through of poses across the first 12 months to give you some idea of the possibilities!

One month: 
They're only going to be this tiny for so long, so you can expect lots of womb-like poses which goes away pretty much after the 15th day when they learn the art of stretching. If you are lucky, you capture some adorable smiles while they're sleeping.

Two months:

A little more wide-eyed, you are sure to capture them with some suspicious stares at you/the camera. A few cute sleeping newborn positions are possible at this phase too

Three months:
Be prepared to be enthralled! They're beginning to recognise people and objects and smile a lot more often! Lying on their back while awake is a great way to capture them. Some adorable sleeping shots are possible too.

Four months: 

Your baby just learned to flip - so you can capture them lying on their back and flipping over on to their tummy. Some also develop a stable neck this early. More options!

Five months and six months: 
Your munchkin is very comfortable on their tummy. Elbows holding them high and their neck strong and active. Their response is faster and smiles, bigger! Here, you can capture them eating their toes (totally adorbs!), lying on their tummy, sitting in a tripod pose!

Seven months and Eight months:

He/she is learning/has learnt to sit up around this time. Some a little wobbly, others, ready to turn your life upside down :D. Think standing props, backdrops and concepts with your baby's full presence in a portrait session.

Nine, ten and eleven months: Omg they're crawling!/Learning to crawl. You can start your fitness regime right about now ;) At eleven months, they're possibly standing with support. This phase is a tiny step away from them becoming independent. Think standing props, backdrops and concepts with your baby's full presence in a portrait session.

The Grand ONE: While some are crawling/walking with support or trying to run on their own, this is a milestone everyone wants to capture. The babbling, the fun, the expressions - this list goes on! Celebrating the first year with a cake smash is sure to give you an amazing set of expressions!

These are purely guidelines based on the number of babies we've worked with. There is no intent to force any of the above on a child, but to simply go with their pace and rhythm during a shoot. I do hope this information helps you decide what parts of the first year you would like to capture. If you are confused, we have a 'Growing Up' package which captures your baby with recurring shoots through the first year. Hope you enjoy the gallery below of babies at different stages.

Until then, goooobbuyyy!