The moment I hear 'twins', my eyes light up like one of my 2-year old toddler clients seeing bubbles gush out of my bubble-gun. This excitement stems down to re-living my own niece and nephews' early chubby-baby days and of course, the challenge in capturing twins in one frame. 

When aunt Kunjal gave me a call for her nieces' shoot, I was more than elated to meet the two cuddle-bags. To my surprise, these 8-month old dolls were not only a dream to capture but I managed to get both of them smiling in one frame, multiple times! Sakshi, the older twin, makes good judgement on how amusing you can be and smiles accordingly. Shiksha on the other hand, smiles pretty much all the time. 

The idea was to script a few shots, but one can never plan too much with a baby, let alone two! We went with their pulse entirely and captured them in their element on a typical lazy Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy the images below!