Omg it's February!!!
I promised myself that I would be more responsible with blogging and showcasing more of my work to everyone who complained that I never shared enough online. 
Well, this blog has been lying in my draft since December 2016 and here, I'm finally (attempting at) capturing my year in a page :)

With over 200 babies I've met this year (yes, 200!!!), I can't point out any one highlight alone. There have been soooo many highs and I couldn't be more grateful to everyone who's shared this year with me. Honestly, I've had my personal lows trying to bite off more than I chew, but then that's me. I hope, I dream Big and I hustle until I get it. If it means, driving 6 hours outside my city to capture a precious Newborn, so be it! 

  • Singapore! : Yes, Mommy Shots is in Singapore officially and expanding very quickly. I now shuttle between locations in India and Singapore constantly. The frequency to Singapore is currently once every two months. All bookings for Singapore can be made at
  • Event Coverage: We've expanded our events team considerably doing several events each month related to Babies. This essentially covers baby Showers (traditional and western), Birthdays, Traditional Birthday celebrations, Naming ceremonies and the like. 
  • Modern Storytelling: I know my mommies love them props BUT BUT BUT the number of lifestyle/Modern storytelling sessions increased ten-fold last year. I'm so glad everyone is seeing the beauty of the simplicity that lies in raising children and the raw moments that exist in your day to day life to be captured on film forever! Your family's story is unique and made up of millions of moments - the little mood swings, the arguments and making up, all the quirks and habits that tend to become routine and all those adorable giggles at the silliest of situatios. This is going to give you a slice of time that you can look back on and cherish with joy!
  • Vacation Photography:  Yes. I'm here to extend your family's story beyond the walls of your home and on to your exotic vacations. Photographing you in the moment, smiling and relaxing on a well-deserved break with your minis. Soak in the new experiences and locations without ever having to take a selfie to get the entire family in the frame. Bookings to made at least a few months in advance on
  • Workshops: I did an all - girls Photography workshop for Canon last Womens' Day. I also started my series of workshops with a Maternity Workshop this November in Chennai. I will be repeating more of my series this year in different locations with Newborn, Baby and Child Photography workshops.
  • Did I mention I met all these awesome babies last year!?? One of them toddlers walked up to me, after a meal, gave me a big wet kiss on my face and walked away. For no reason! This was my biggest highlight!

Phew. I just want to go back to being a newborn and sleep 20 hours a day. But, hello 2017, let's play!


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