Pregency or Pre-natal portrait shoot have been in vogue for a while now.When you spot an expecting mum donning those gorgeous maternity gowns,figure hugging baby-friendly short dresses and those pretty tiaras that give you a princess vibes,it is an all-to familiar image to most of us. so three years ago i decided that i would try and imbibe our ethnicity in maternity portraits, as i did receive lot of requests to have kids captured in ethnic outfits.The thought converted into an idea which was then converted into an actual portrait and that, if i may so brought a whole new touch to the maternity portraits after.It felt real,raw,authentic to dress indian women,in well,indian clothing and capture their effervescence of starting a family.

Here is glimpse of pics from this month edition of Mother and Baby magazine. Also got an opportunity to capture the beautiful Nishkalulla and her little bub M for the coverstory for the month.