Wouldn’t you like to turn back time and see a day in the life of your child? A day in the life of raising your child? A day in your life!Well, that’s precisely what I offer you with ‘A day in the life of…….’ package. Best captured with ‘Documentary photography’, this storytelling approach is used to tell your story, personally, just for you. It involves said photographer (me), spending a day with you and your family, capturing you all on the go as life happens. This can be at your home, on VACATION or pretty much any place you want to remember your day by.

Here is a glimpse of recent "A day in the life of series “for Samaira and Samira, shot at their residence, a house they’re currently growing up in. Mommy S wanted to record their current age to remind them of the place they spent their growing years in. I had a great time capturing their little moments from their daily life routine. Hope you like it too!

For booking your own ‘Day in the life of ‘your child’ package’, email ms@amritasamant.com for details. <3