I just got off a long call with a 'new' mum. She really wanted to capture her newborn's current phase but was too apprehensive and overwhelmed with:

1. How I would handle the shoot

2. How her Newborn would cooperate.

These are really really fair doubts and apprehensions to have, if you ask me. I don't have a kid yet, but when I have them (yep, plenty of them), I'm sure I would be apprehensive too. 

Being a Newborn Photographer is honestly the most overwhelming thing I've done in my life! There, I said it. Truth is, it's an honour. A trust with a stranger like in no other relationship. Inviting a stranger into your home to capture your newborn child is definitely not an everyday affair. 
And so it's only fair that you know me (if not in person, at least through my credibility, online presence, behind-the-scene videos and most importantly, my work) well.

Beyond this, why should you give any stranger the honour of introducing them to your newborn/child, you say?

Well if you want (good) photographs with your child, shot by an expert who understands their camera, who understands your baby's comfort and the chaos, love, protection, etc that you feel, that's where a newborn/baby photographer comes in (Read: not just any photographer).

I have done my certification in Newborn Safety and Posing which means I know what am doing BUT I involve parents a 100% during my shoot and collaboratively make every move with their acceptance. I have worked with over a 100 newborn portraits, over 400 baby shoots and most most most important of them all - I LOVE babies, to no end. Which also means I have all the patience in the world to click that perfect image to give you for life. 

As an aunt to twins I helped bring up, I can tell you for sure (or they can, now that they're 9 and won't stop talking) that am really good with babies. Of course, MOMS know best and I wouldn't argue that, but having worked with so many of these tiny humans, I have a strong hunch on what works for them and what makes them uncomfortable. How do I know? They tell us every time, very clearly!

As a North Indian born in South india, my mixed cultural upbringing has always helped me connect with varied backgrounds, build relations with moms, elicit trust and comfort. I've always given parents a free hand to let me know what they're OK/not OK with. My style is to educate the parents on what am about to do before I do it. I share a lot of my work when anyone reaches out to me so expectations are set in advance. A decent Corporate life background has made me a reliable, disciplined and rather professional adult to work with. 

I was once asked by a new dad how I give my 200% to each shoot which is so important to families but is an everyday task to me. 'Brilliant question', I tell him!  Have any of us asked our Doctors that before they've helped treat us? Not really, right, because it's their 'job' to make sure all goes well. Similarly its my priority to give it my 500% every single day. But to answer the question more specifically, I don't stop until I get the shot I want and one you will love.

So that said, I always do a pre-consultation with the parents before a shoot/event that they've booked me for. I ensure 'you' and 'your personality' is captured to keep you comfortable combining your aesthetic style and my artistic vision.

On a friendly note, When am not shooting or working, you will find me indulging in movies, planning my next travel, spending time with my niece n nephew and on not-so-fabulous days, eating LOTS n LOTS of  Chocolate cake!

That said, I can't wait to have my 'own babiessss'. But until then, I'm going to give you great images with your own!!

P.s. I look forward to getting to know you more, so leave a comment and introduce yourself. It’d make my day!