If you participated in our Mother's Day Contest in association with Baby Oye (May 2016), then you are a winner, because there is no ONE winner when it comes to babies. They're all adorable!!

But of course, we had to pick lots and one winner we could reward. The Judges picked a winner and sent me the details! I spoke to this darling mommy, scheduled a date and headed over to Delhi to gift them a 'Mom and Baby' Portrait shoot. 

A lot of people warned me about the frequent rains in Delhi since we were shooting outdoors. We still  went ahead and decided to work around the rains. What I didn't prepare for was a no-rain- 38 deg C situation at Lodhi Gardens.  But my oh my, was I surprised to see our 2 year old princess (a.k.a winner) be an extremely cooperative and adorable toddler. Kiaara here was an absolute doll through the whole shoot. She didn't complain even once! She played and fell a bunch of times but she got right up and continued to play and pose.

And this here below, is a result of our shoot. A big shout out to Daddy who helped immensely behind the scenes to make his girls comfortable and happy!


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