I remember, exactly 10 years ago, I was anticipating my sisters twins' birth with a lot of excitement. The idea of seeing twins in our family is beyond fascinating! Now of course, my brats are turning 10 and they're great company no doubt, but I miss them being tiny, y'know? When they learnt to crawl and walk, it meant that we were greeted at the door by two bundles rushing towards us to be picked up! And they would scheme up a million ways to block the exit when we had to leave their house. 

Getting to the point, I am always always excited about capturing twins because it reminds me of my niece and nephew's younger days. So when I walked into Mommy A's house, I was greeted by two dolled up twins smiling at me, followed by a million giggles  throughout the shoot. And really, they remind me of fluffed up soft toys that made me want to drop my camera and cuddle them in my lap. I'm sure you will feel the same with the gallery below.

Sometimes I feel like even pictures can't do justice to the life, the personality and the fun babies are expressing. I'm just blessed to be able to share moments with them as well as preserve them for their families!