I reached out to Mommies C + A, having worked with them before, to lend me their babies for a shoot! They are babies no more, but walking, talking smart little toddlers who were my stars for the day. I just wanted to capture the innocent interactions between two  boys meeting for the second time (First time doesn't count cos they were one year old then). 

When the mommies met, each one picked up the other mom's child, so the boys disliked each other instantly. However, when we began the shoot, we kept placing them together in the same frame and slowly each one took the initiative to make peace. The images below are more than just heart-warming. Its adorable how they reacted to the various factors such location, plants around them, their outfits (which were coincidentally matching!!!!) and my call-outs. 

I'm always doing Model-calls for experimental shoots and if you want to lend me your baby for a day, pleaseeee drop us an email at ms@amritasamant.com with your mini's images. And pretty please, give us time to get back to you!