When mommy S emailed me for a shoot, she didn't mention her adorable pets at first. Only closer to the date did I know that she has two adorable shitzus. Now I don't have the same amount of experience with pets as I do with babies but little did I realise they're the same as little toddlers who want to be around their parents at most times. 

I very boldly suggested that we split the shoot with expecting mom + dad first, and then include her pets. And as most pet owners would already know, they refused to keep any distance. They would wander and find a comfortable spot in every frame of mine. All I had to do was adapt, get their attention too and voila! Every image was personalised beautifully :) What made this a whole lot easier was that this couple was extremely comfortable in front of the camera, making up for all the magic ingredients these image contain :)

As expected, every image had multiple subjects bringing so much life to them and of course, Love! The more shoots I do with pets, the more I want them in my frame. They're crazy, unpredictable and absolutely adorable just like my babies!!  

What excites me more is when her baby Boy is all grown up and is interacting with her pets - now that's gonna be a whole lotta love to deal with.